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An infinite goban

From fuseki to yose...

Others can describe me better than I can describe myself. Since I'm vain, I'm only gonna put compliments I receive. Note that there aren't many. :-)

"I think you have a talent for helping others break through mental barriers." - akurei_kami
"Trevoke, you are always working very hard to better yourself in many ways, and that impresses me in a world where so many people just carry on. You stay aware of the world around you, and try to learn from everything you come across. Also, you're a really smart guy, and I like the sometimes-whacky sense of humor." - prettyarbitrary
"There's so many things I do for which I hear your voice in my head" -- a yellow belt in the dojo
"People with your attitude are the ones that make me feel better about this world, and inspire me to try my best not to be just another contributor to the cruelty, ignorance and mediocracy." - blackmetalmoon

"There's a certain serenity that emanates from you." -- Clara